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Ipad 1 all repairs

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Drop your iPad?  Shatter the glass?  Don't worry, this is fairly common and we have just the repair for you.  If you have cracked glass or a non-functional touch sensor, this is the repair service you need.

Cracked glass and digitizer
Digitizer unresponsive to touch
Dead digitizer and broken glass
Black digitizer and cracked or broken glass
If your iPad charging port has been damaged, this service is for you.

iPad won't charge
Something is obstructing the charging port
Did your iPad get water inside? Can you see moisture in or on the screen? Is your iPad having many random issues after getting wet? We have a specialized service for repairing your water damaged iPad, with a 90% rate of success at bringing it back to life!
If your iPad home button is erratic or not working at all, this service is for you.

Home button is not working
Home button is sticking or missing
If your iPad battery isn't lasting as long as it used to, this service is for you.

iPad won't hold a charge
iPad battery life is a lot shorter then it used to be
Your iPad’s volume control not working? Are you unable to turn the sound up or down? Are the volume buttons stuck, reverse, or not clicking? Is your iPad having problems changing volume? If so then this repair is for you. We fix not-clicking/stuck/unresponsive side volume buttons and make it feel and function like new.

Ipad 1 repair

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