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Based in Newcastle, Cardiff, 13hitech computer repairs was founded to meet the demands of customers who need prompt personal computer repair and networking services for  their homes and offices. We know how much you depend on your computer, in addition to regular business hours we provide 24/7 emergency service and remote computer repair. You can drop off your computer or we can pick it up. We are your one stop shop for  computer repair services; let us solve your computer/laptop problems today, and we do have parking facility either.
We repair all models of desktops and laptops, regardless of where they were originally purchased. This includes slow slow operating  systems windows xp, windows vista and windows7 making them faster , virus trojan spyware and malware removal, antivirus, hard drive swap and data recovery.All crashed computer and laptop issues, network failure, internet and email troubles
We offer  a cheap and affordable computer repair services.

Desktop Computer repair

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